About us

The Real Data S.C. offers IT services in terms of: project management, design individual solutions, installation services, configuration of network devices including telecommunications and access. We also have extensive experience in working with cluster systems, relational databases, integration platforms, subscriber billing systems of telecommunications services (billing systems). We work with large companies, both Polish and foreign.


We operate since 1998 in northern and western Polish • We started to provide Internet access services using Call-Back in the city Trough • We supported the first implementation of broadband Internet access throughout the two province implemented by local providers of telecommunications • The solutions typically realized information : implementation of its own production billing system with your local cable service provider • we supported the exchange of data migration system • we did our customer support and we work with retention of information systems for our customers • we participated in the design and manufacturing systems data collection and mediation in distributed environments, including those based on the platform X.25/OSI/FTAM. We integrated large telecommunication systems (eg 5ESS exchanges if the network DSLAM's Stringer) monitoring platforms • HP OpenView • Currently, we are determined primarily on the development of dedicated software on request of our customers.

Detailed offer

  • We offer software design according to individual customer requirements. Our software can be operated under the control of systems: Linux, Unix, Windows.
  • Software and based on local database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Windows SQL Serwer). Platform Java EE, Java ME ( for devices CLDC , CDC), Microsoft .NET. Programming languages ​​and technologies: Java , C++, C#, Ansi C oraz GNU, XML, UML, WEB Technology, script language AWK, KSH, Bash, Perl.
  • We offer installation: Windows serwers, Linux serwers, LAN/WAN network, UNIX AIX serwers from IBM.
  • Integration platform: BizTalk, databases: Microsoft SQL Serwer, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, serwer systems.
  • Configuration of network devices: router AccessPoint 450, Access Point 1000, AccessPoint 600 (Lucent Technologist), Cajun P333, P333R (Avaya), access servers: MAX3000, MAX6000, PortMaster3, PortMaster4, Stinger, AnyMedia.
  • Scuba diving software: Professional system for dive planning and simulation, dive training assistance.

realdata information computer systems for companies
realdata information computer systems for companies